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I was recently reading through other hospitality related blogs to expand my knowledge of the industry when I stumbled upon something that caught my interest. It is a service called inGuest by the company Revinate. Essentially what inGuest does is give every guest a profile that grows with every stay. While this is not uncommon as even our hotel has a guest profiles for members of Choice Hotels, inGuest’s version of this is vastly different.

InGuest’s social profiles are made to connect with the technologically savvy. A guest can register their phone with the service at the hotel in order to do several things. The guest is able to do advance check in through their phone application, have 1 on 1 interaction with the front desk, order room service, request concierge service, and even offers up-sells to the guest.

InGuest takes all of the information it gains from a client and stores it in their social profiles. This ever expanding knowledge base of clientele is now at the disposal of the hotel in which they stayed. This information is now used for educated marketing. For example, say you use the spa with our hotel every time you stay with us. This is logged in your social profile. Our hotel may send you an SMS promotional text message or e-mail with a free trip to your spa if you stay at our hotel within the next month.

The question to ask is whether or not this is something guests both want and are comfortable with. With all the recent NSA concerns and increased desire of privacy, do guests want hotels to have this much detail and information on them?

Let us know what you think below. Do you enjoy that a hotel will know your wants and needs in an effort to better serve you and market to you or do you think that this steps a boundary in respect to your privacy?

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