Your Guide to Wedding Flowers

Choosing wedding flowers that fit your style and that match your color palette isn’t always easy. Here’s everything you need to know about the most popular wedding flowers (cost, season, meanings, and color choices).

  • Alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian lily)

    Alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian lily)  bridal bouquets with roses, calla lilies and alstroemeria - Google Search:   Fall bouquet with alstromaria/ volusiacountyweddings/

purple alstroemeria bouquet - Google Search:               bouquet of astromelias will last almost forever:

These flowers have small, bright blooms that grow in clusters and often have freckled petals. They’re best used as a backdrop to primary flowers (but make a lovely and cost-effective bouquet).

°Colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, lavender, purple, flecked
°Scent: none
°Cost: $​​

  • Amaryllis

     Amaryllis  Amaryllis is available during winter...not that you would do a whole bouquet of it, but it may be a pretty option to throw a little color in!:       Amaryllis wedding flowers

Solid red bridal bouquet | by Dorothy McDaniel's Flower Market:                       A red velvet ribbon secured the bride’s loose bouquet of snow white amaryllis, mistletoe, and fresh cedar:

Brides desiring maximum impact may choose this impressive flower, which features two to five large, trumpet-shaped blossoms that open in succession at the top of its extra-long stalk. Grown from a bulb, the amaryllis originated in the tropical rainforests of Africa and South America. Very rare and expensive, these flowers are long-lasting and offer a lot of drama with just a few stems.

°Season: November-April
°Colors: white, yellow, green, pink, red, burgundy
°Scent: none (belladonna variety has a mild sweet fragrance)
°Meaning: splendid beauty, pride
°Cost: $-$

  • Anemone

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Greek mythology has two legends about the anemone. These jewel-toned flowers were said to have sprung up from the blood that was shed by Aphrodite’s lover, Adonis, when he died. The ancient Greeks also believed that Zephyrus, the god of the west wind, favored the bloom, hence its other name: windflower. Though unscented, this relative of the peon and ranunculus is sought after for its vibrant magenta, red, and purple hues. Just a few bright blooms add a blast of color to bouquets and arrangements.

°Season: November-May; primarily spring
°Colors: white, pink, purple, magenta, burgundy
°Scent: none
°Meaning: expectation
°Cost: $-$$

  • Bouvardia

red bouvardia   Pale green and white bouquets of rose, freesia, agapanthus, bouvardia and lisianthus with mixed foliages for the bridesmaids who were in deep chocolate dresses.:       Brides Magazine: Flowers For Weddings; Lily Of The Valley (

This flower is perfect for fleshing out a classic wedding bouquet or arrangement. It has clusters of small, star-shaped blossoms bursting from a leafy green stem and is very delicate.

°Season: year-round
°Colors: white, peach, pink, red
°Scent: faint
°Meaning: enthusiasm
°Cost: $

  • Calla Lily

~~A Glossary of Colored Calla Lilies - Mini Calla Lily Colors | CalCallas~~:
Light pink calla lilies create a fresh bouquet for a spring or summer wedding. Bridal bouquets:     16 Striking and Elegant Bridal Bouquet Ideas: #wedding #weddings #bridal_bouquet Featured: KateSaidYes:


Flower Guide: Calla Lilies | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine--- I love this!:         White Calla Lily Boutonniere // Jenny DeMarco Photography // Boutonniere: Bouquets Of Austin //


Also known as the arum lily, this trumpet-shaped blossom originated in Africa and symbolized “magnificent beauty” to the Victorians. Two types are commonly available: one with a large head and a long, smooth stem, suitable for tall arrangements or presentation bouquets; and a miniature version ideal for nosegays and boutonnieres.

°Season: year-round, winter to late spring is the peak
°Colors: ivory, yellow, orange, light pink, dark pink, red, dark burgundy
°Scent: none
°Meaning: ardor, magnificent beauty, feminine, modesty
°Cost: $$$

  • Camellia

Arrangements of pastel roses, camellias & tulips. Love the blue mason jars in rustic boxes!:     This is really pretty! Camelia bouquet:     Every Southern Girl's Garden Cuttings Consist of Camellias, Sasanquas or Japonicas ... or all three!:

A symbol of loveliness and beauty, this multipetaled relative of the tea plant was originally from China. The flower had a notable role in Verdi’s opera La Traviata, which he adapted from the play The Lady of the Camellias. In the story a courtesan named Violetta always wore a white camellia, except for the few days of the month when she was “not available” and donned a red camellia instead.

°Season: late-winter to early-spring, fall
°Colors: white, cream, pink, red
°Scent: mild, sweet
°Meaning: excellence, beauty, perfected loveliness, contentment
°Cost: $-$$

  • Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum bouquet! simple and lovely! visit for more advice and inspiration!:       We LOVE the innate simplicity of this white Chrysanthemum bouquet. By The Butterfly Lounge, Brisbane.:       Purple and Orange Wedding Inspiration. Nouquet by Sadas Flowers, photo by Figlewicz Photography » KnotsVilla:

About a thousand varieties of long-lasting, versatile mums can be found in single blossoms or sprays. The mum has been cultivated in the Far East for more than 2,500 years, even making appearances in the writings of Confucius. What it lacks in sweet perfume, it makes up for in a range of bold colors.

°Season: year-round, peak in late summer and fall
°Colors: white, yellow, green, orange, russet, red, burgundy
°Scent: strong, musky
°Meaning: cheerfulness, optimism, long life, joy
°Cost: $​

  • Cosmos

South-Coast-rue-de-seine-bridal-gown-wedding-dress4:          beautiful white bouquet of garden roses, dahlias and chocolate cosmos by Daisy Rose:      Snapdragons, cosmos and veronica make long-lasting cut bouquets. More ideas on cutting gardens:

{{Locally grown summer wedding bouquet with succulents, billy balls, echinops, cosmos, lavender, mint.}} Photography by Greenhouse Loft Photography, || flowers by Pollen,                    blue brown dress | Bautiful Brown Wedding Flowers For Your Wedding Day - Wedding Dress ...:

Brides hoping to capture the look of a summer garden in full bloom would succeed with cosmos. This daisylike flower grows in shades of pink and magenta on long stems with feathery foliage. A striking chocolate color is also available and can be used to create rich, late-summer arrangements.

°Season: mid summer-fall
°Colors: white, pale pink, dark pink, chocolate
°Scent: none
°Meaning: modesty
°Cost: $-$

  • Dahlia

Daydreaming of Dahlias: Romantic Floral Wedding Ideas - bridal bouquet; Katie Slater Photography:       purple and black dahlia bouquet wedding style brides of adelaide magazine:       Cafe au Lait Dahlias are big, beautiful, and in season for summer weddings! #wedding #flowers #dahlias: 40 Bright and Beautiful Wedding Bouquets! Bouquet of dahlias, anemones, ranunculuses, gomphrena, hypericum berries, and geranium leaves, $225, Blush Floral DesignsPhoto: Corey Torpie Photography:      Planning your wedding this year? Are you in the Montreal area? For all your vintage rentals...please visit      wedding flowers cost #wedding #teamwedding #weddingflowers:

These bold, bushy flowers have a history as dramatic as their appearance. Conquistadors found the dahlia in the gardens of the Aztecs and caused a sensation when they brought the flower back to Europe.

°Season: summer-early fall
°Colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple
°Scent: spicy
°Meaning: gratitude, dignity, forever thine
°Cost: $

  • Hydrangea

White Silk Hydrangea Bridal & Bridesmaid Bouquet Groom's Best Man Boutonniere - Silk Flower Wedding Package - Choose Your Colors. $155.00, via Etsy.:        The little ones would be simple little candle holders painted with silver spray paint and flowers for centerpieces:      let’s learn about flowers: hydrangea edition | planning it all:

Pretty pink hydrangea bouquet {Photo by Jessica Loren via Project Wedding}: enchanted forest wedding theme | took some of these photos, remember to click on them to enlarge for ...:

With its big, bushy head and intense colors, a stem or two of this moderately priced, scentless shrub flower helps fill out arrangements and bouquets. Hydrangea is most popular in shades of bubble-gum pink to sky blue.

Season: July-November
Colors: white, green, pink, burgundy, purple, blue
Scent: none
Meaning: devotion, remembrance, boastfulness
Cost: $$-$$$

  • Peony

Gorgeous blush peony bouquet. Wedding inspiration.:       20 Amazing Wedding Bouquets | Aisle Perfect #wedding #flowers #bouquet:       Hot pink peonies are for the bride that is ready to go bold! These bright blooms are sure to catch every guest’s eye. #BridalBouquet:

dramatic fall wedding bouquet of peonies ranunculus roses and astilbe by The Little Branch:               Sometimes confused with roses and peonies, ranunculus is a gorgeous, romantic flower perfect for wedding arrangements.:

The peony is showy in its lush and full-headed structure, sweet perfume, and bright colors. Despite these traits, the flower became a symbol of bashfulness. Cultivated in Asia for more than a thousand years and developed further by the French, the peony is a cherished wedding flower. A relative of the ranunculus and the anemone, the peony is available in two main types: the herbaceous and the tree peony (the latter flowers do not last as long when cut).

°Season: spring, imported, scentless variety available in fall and winter
°Colors: white, cream, peach, pink, burgundy
°Scent: sweet and mild to very aromatic
°Meaning: beauty, welcome, bashfulness
°Cost: $$-$$$

  • Rose

blush pink Wedding Bouquets | ... , white garden roses, mother of pearl roses and blush pink ranuculas:        I would like purple roses like this bouquet for me but for all the other flowers in wedding be another type of flower.:     #Green & Purple Wedding ... Wedding ideas for brides, grooms, parents & planners ... … plus how to organise an entire wedding ♥ The Gold Wedding Planner iPhone App ♥ Bouquets from Real Weddings: Craspedias, Snapdragons, Roses, and Eucalyptus | Photo by Akil Bennett:          #Budget #Wedding #Ideas … ♡Wedding App♡…           christmas wedding bouquets - Google zoeken:


lamb’s ear + white rose boutonnieres | via: style me pretty:          24 Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas >> Summer #brides are lucky to have the most beautiful flowers in season for their #wedding bouquet. Whichever summer wedding bouquet you choose, be sure your it reflects your personality. See more wedding bouquet ideas ...:

Is it any wonder that roses rank as the most beloved of wedding flowers? Long considered a symbol of beauty and love, the rose has captivated commoners and royalty alike. Legend has it that the Roman Emperor Nero required rose petals to be strewn at his feet and wore wreaths of roses at his many weddings; and that Cleopatra seduced both Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony with the flower.

Their accessibility means that roses can be surprisingly affordable. However, the price of roses goes up around key flower-giving holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day — so if your wedding date is near one of these holidays, you may want to rethink your flower choice. Three main types of roses are likely candidates for your wedding flowers: hybrid tea roses, spray roses, and garden roses.

Season: year-round
Colors: white, cream, yellow, apricot, orange, pale pink, dark pink, red, burgundy, lavender
Scent: none to intense, depending on the variety
Meaning: several meanings depending on color, general, love, beauty, grace, joy, unity
Cost: $$-$$$


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